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When Psychofett asked me to write a piece for his blog I was a little sceptical. Why would The Man choose me as the one to be cast into the eternal limelight - a benefactor of rewards too innumerable to count? Once up in lights, how would I tame his fierce readership? It’s a daunting task, but here is my attempt:

Get ready for this months strategy tips:

3 Ways to Defeat Psychofett at Perfect Dark (and numerous small tips)

I thought I would catalogue some tips and tricks that may come in handy if you ever find yourself one-on-one with The Red Dragon.


  • 1 * Psychofett
  • 1 * N64 + Perfect Dark Cartridge
  1. Farsight
    He quite simply can’t handle the power and accuracy of this honorable weapon. Works especially well without radars. Blind and without the ability to set up base in a lonely corner, he is almost defenseless. You needn’t worry about walking into an n-bomb, remote or proxy mine if don’t have to play into his deadly game of cat and mouse. Watch with a smile as he tries to use the Farsight against you, but don’t take pity – he is the enemy.
  2. Hacker Central with Kill Score Disabled
    A mistake by novice Psychofett opponents is to enter a hacker central game on the default settings. Without proper adjustment of this mode, players will receive a score for killing their opponent. Psychofett knows this and since he can’t operate the hacker central console properly he will most likely gain victory by dishonorably shooting you when you’re trying to do the right thing.
  3. Black Cat of Gaming Destruction
    Cats are another Psychofett weakness. This point requires a cat (preferably black) to take nesting on the lap of Psychofett and alas reduce his mobility and ability to control his character. Larger animals may or may not work.

Some more points:

  • Watch for Player Advantages: His health will often gain a 1000% increase even though you’ve tried to be alert.
  • Don’t allow him to choose Laptop Guns, Remote Mines, Proximity Mines, N-Bombs, Slayers or anything that could be used to protect his safe corner.
  • One final note: Select any level except The Villa.
This has been a Dark Flask public service announcement.
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