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Last Wednesday I went with some friends to check out Underworld: Evolution, which follows off directly after the events of the first film. Essentially vampire heroine Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and hybrid Michael (Scott Speedman) must stop the reborn Markus (Tony Curran), the first vampire from unleashing his imprisoned brother William (Brian Steele), the first Lycan (werewolf).

Good action scenes, cool vampire/werewolf myth and partially naked Kate Beckinsale make this film what it is: a fun, sexy no-brainer. The dialogue at times is a little thin, the story flaky, and thus may prove too much for movie snobs. However you may be drawn to this film if you enjoy this kind of supernatural lore and futuristic goth styling.

Perhaps not as good as the original, but if you enjoyed the first this sequel should at least satisfy you, otherwise you could check out Blade and Blade 2. But not Blade 3 because that sucked harder than Paris Hilton.

Underworld: Evolution on IMDb.com
Metacritic review

2 and a half palm strikes out of 5
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