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I was going to construct a blog post about how fantastic I am as a person and as a wrestler, but I decided that I was far too stupendous to do it myself. SO here it is in the words of the people…

“the big red fire engine kicks huge amounts of ass as well” - bang3r

*ahem* mega-huge ass

“Psychofett, because he’s really talented and I think hes the most underreated guy in EPW!” - Eye4AnEye

*ahem* mega-really talented

“Sorry guys its Psychofett all the way, the first match at my first event back in 04 was him vs the Brat Pack.
Not only did he show some serious skill he warmed up the crowd nicely on the mike and has always put out a great performance everytime I see him.
Best match I saw him in would have been his bout at Flame or Fortune against Mikey.
Psychofett to gain the belt, gold is definitely his color.”
- scyven

Red and black are my colours - who have you been watching?

“Okay, so just for the record my favorite wrestler is Psychofett, because well, he’s just a cool wrestler and he very rarely has a bad performance… plus he does PALM STRIKES! I liked Mikey vs Psychofett at.. I can’t remember when it was, but it was a title match.. and it rocked.” - KraM

Yesss! someone likes palm strikes!

“Psycho! Come on, who doesnt love the guy? He’s fun, and funny, he sticks up for what he believes in and he kicks butt. “ - Drusilla

I kicks butt!

I had many more but then there are only 24 hours in a day…

Love and hugs XOXOX

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