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Gazing into the future...Hello to all those who come before this site, yes it has finally been finished and tested fully! I apologise for the delay, and as you can see what started as boredom (after some emergency surgery left me home bound) has turned into a mighty blog; something everyone seems to be doing thesedays. So as I jump onto the blog band wagon I ask you to enjoy my posts and please, please, please comment on them!

I created this site not only as a portal to myself and aussie wrestling, but to Perth as well. I think this wonderful town we live in to be at times underrated, and so I will take it upon myself to share my experiences in life as a Perth-proud independant Australian pro-wrestler.

As much as I’d like to claim this site as 100% my own work, I cannot, and I would like to thank my good friend Craig Rose for all his help on this project. He has helped me understand some of the finer points of web developing and web design, and setup the initial template of Psychofett.com. Not only does Craig have a Diploma of Multimedia, but he is also the backstage manager for EPW, making sure everyone knows what going on.

Just some added info for you all - please read the terms of use of this site, and if you have any questions or private comments contact me. Both of these links can be found at the bottom of this page. Also I may suggest that you use Firefox, Opera or Safari to view this page, with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600.

Have I missed anything? I hope not. Don’t forget to comment!
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